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Outlet issues with Jonathan Waggott

April 17, 2018 00:00

Our first podcast discusses issues at the outlet with Jonathan Waggott MWMSoc FRSPH a Water Expert and Innovator.

Jonathan is one of the world’s leading consultants in sanitary ware and infection control and sits as a council member and committee chair of the Water Management society, one of his many prestigious roles.

During the podcast, Jonathan discusses how the water treatment market has changed in the last 10 years, issues occurring in the outlet, how taps and showers could be spreading pseudomonas, the positive impact of water safety groups and what clinical sites should be looking for in taps and showers. Finally, Jonathan also gives his opinion on thermostatic mixing values (tmvs), on site training courses and the increase of copper and silver in taps and showers.

We are really grateful to Jonathan for providing his experience and expert knowledge for our podcast. Our discussion with him is certainly an interesting one, casting light on how far the water industry has come but also how far it has to go.

George Kent discusses the use of copper and silver ionisation in swimming pools

April 17, 2018 00:00

Our second podcast is with George Kent, Proprietor at Ag Kent Alloys. His long-held, senior roles in

During the podcast George provides an insight into copper and silver ionisation, how copper and silver water treatment works to keep lives safe and the downsides of Chlorine water treatment. Finally, he discusses his latest project that he hopes will help the third world by economically treating large volumes of water.

It was a pleasure talking to George and discussing the positives of copper and silver water treatment and hearing about his fantastic charity work.